Table 1

Advantages and disadvantages of tested online examination platforms*

Online examination platformsAdvantagesDisadvantages
EdbaseLockdown screen, timer, automatic grading for MCQ questions and manual grading for essays, unlimited question pools, smart grading and reporting system.Paid-only service (may be a problem for undeveloped or developing countries).
Exam.netDifferent security level lockdown screen, timer, supports different types of questions, ideal for essay-type tests or tests that contain a combination of MCQ and essay questions, automatic and manual grading, supports uploading of PDF files or pasting from other documents directly into the examination tool, no need for student accounts, can monitor student activity during examination, sharing examination with other teachers.Paid-only service (may be a problem for undeveloped or developing countries).
Google FormsFree of charge, unlimited number of students, supports different types of questions.Security levels if a Chromebook is managed by the school for each student, unreliable grading system.
PapershalaAn easy and simple user interface, reusable question option.Supports only MCQ, no security options.
VirtualxRole-based access and user security, supports formulas and equations, supports different types of questions.No security options.
  • *Based on our personal experience.

  • MCQ, multiple-choice questions.