Table 1

ETELM-LP results

ETELM-LP statementMedian score (on a 7 point Likert scale with 7 as strongly agree and 1 as strongly disagree)IQR
Instructions provided a good introduction to the session.62
Session objectives, expectations and policies were clearly stated.62
The session was well organised.72
Session objectives were relevant to my needs.72
Navigation of the technology-based components of the session was logical, consistent and efficient.62
The session technologies and media supported the learning objectives.71
This session required inappropriately high technology skills.21
I had significant computer/technical problems during this session.21
The educational activities encouraged engagement with session materials/content.63
The educational activities promoted achievement of the session objectives.62
There was a strong instructor presence/personal touch in the session.71
I had sufficient opportunity to assess and reflect on my learning progress.62
I received adequate feedback on my learning progress.42
I had sufficient opportunity to evaluate/provide feedback on the session.62
I received adequate support for any technical issues encountered during this session.52
I received adequate support for any questions or concerns I had about my learning.61
I encountered culture- or language-related problems.10.5
I invested enough time and energy to meet/exceed the session expectations.62
This session will change my practice.53
The overall quality of this session was excellent.61.5
The overall effectiveness of the instructor was excellent.71
  • ETELM-LP, evaluation of technology-enhanced learning materials-learner perceptions; IQR, Interquartile range.