Table 4

Instructors positive response percentage on COVID-19 simulation training for isolation and general wards

Trained groups:Isolation wardGeneral wardOverall
Items of questionnairePR%PR%PR%
1) The objectives of the course are clearly stated.100100100
2) The course content is appropriate.100100100
3) The course manuals or materials are clear and useful.9610099
4) The amount of course material is sufficient.100100100
5) The scenarios are properly set.100100100
6) The modalities used in the scenario are appropriate.100100100
 7) Learners performed well and actively involved in the scenarios.1009496
 8) Learners performed well and actively involved in the debriefing session.1009496
9) The level of course to the learners is about right.100100100
10) The course length is appropriate.100100100
11) The venue is appropriate and well organised.100100100
12) Overall quality of the course is good and recommended.100100100
13) You are willing to teach next time.9610099
  • PR%, positive response percentage.