Table 2

ETELM-IP results

ETELM-IP statementMedian score (on a 7 point likert scale with 7 as strongly agree and 1 as strongly disagree)IQR
Instructions provided a good introduction to the remote ward round (eg, how to get started, what to expect).61
Session objectives were relevant to participant needs.71
Navigation of the technology-based components of the session was logical, consistent, and efficient.51
The session technologies and media supported the learning objectives.60
This session required that participants possess inappropriately high computer skills.21
The educational activities encouraged participants' engagement with session materials/content.61
The educational activities promoted participants' achievement of the session objectives.60
I was able to contribute a personal presence/personal touch during the ward round delivery.60
I plan to use learner feedback to improve the session.70
The remote ward rounds will be easy to maintain and deliver again.61
It will be easy to re-use of all or part of the session materials in other, future sessions.61
I had access to needed tools during ward round delivery.61
I had significant computer/technical problems while delivering this session.51
I received adequate support for any technical issues encountered while developing and delivering this session71
I was able to provide adequate support to students for questions or concerns about their learning.61
The ward round was a good use of time and resources.60
The overall quality of this ward round was excellent.61
  • ETELM-IP, evaluation of technology-enhanced learning materials-instructor perceptions; IQR, Interquartile range.